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Elements Never Forget Jun 20, 2016
Elements Never Forget
Periodic appearances.
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It’s elementary, Watson.  Things are in flux – from the elements in the air you breathe to party balloons.   We investigate the massive, historic loss of nitrogen from the atmosphere and meet the culprits behind a modern-day helium shortage. 

Surviving the anthropocene Jun 13, 2016
Surviving the Anthropocene
The planet we made.
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ENCORE  The world is hot, and getting hotter. But higher temperatures aren’t the only impact our species is having on mother Earth. Urbanization, deforestation, and dumping millions of tons of plastic into the oceans … these are all ways in which humans are leaving their mark.

How to talk to aliens Jun 06, 2016
How to Talk to Aliens
Broadcasting to space.
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ENCORE  “Dear E.T. …” So far, so good. But now what? Writing is never easy, but what if your task was to craft a message to aliens living elsewhere in the universe, and your prose would represent all humankind? Got writer’s block yet?

Caught in a Traps May 30, 2016
Caught in a Traps
Volcanos and quakes.
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“Locked and loaded” is how one scientist recently described the San Andreas fault.  Find out when this famous west-coast rift might cause “the big one;” also, the state of early earthquake warning systems.

Adam Savage May 23, 2016
Skeptic Check: Busting Myths with Adam Savage
But is it science?
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Can an opera singer’s voice really shatter glass?  Can you give your car a rocket-assisted boost and survive the test drive?  How do you protect yourself from a shark attack?   Those are among the many intriguing questions and urban legends tested by the MythBusters team in front of the camera.