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What Goes Around
Jul 24, 2017

What Goes Around How to recycle nearly everything.

It’s not just tin cans and newspapers.  One man says that, from a technical standpoint, everything can be recycled – cigarette butts, yoga mats, dirty diapers.  Even radioactive waste.  You name it, we can recycle it.  But we choose not to.  Find out why we don’t, and how we could do more. 

Plus, a solar-powered device that pulls water from the air – even desert air. 

And, something upon which life depends that seems dirt cheap, but can’t be replenished: soil.  What happens when we pave over this living resource? 


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Eclipsing All Other Shows
Jul 17, 2017
Eclipsing All Other Shows
Excitement builds for the 2017 solar eclipse.

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They say that the experience of watching a total eclipse is so profound, you’re not the same afterward.  If life-changing events are your thing and you’re in the lower 48 states on August 21st, let us help you make the most of viewing the Great American Solar Eclipse.

Frogs' Pants
Jul 10, 2017
Frogs' Pants
Clever experiments to define and detect life.

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It’s one of the most bizarre biological experiments ever. In the 18th century, a scientist fitted a pair of tailor-made briefs on a male frog to determine the animal’s contribution to reproduction.  The process of gestation was a mystery and scientists had some odd-ball theories.  

Rational Lampoon
Jul 03, 2017
Skeptic Check: Rational Lampoon
Why you know much less than you think you do.

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Two heads may be better than one.  But what about three or more?  A new study shows that chimpanzees excel at complex tasks when they work in groups, and their accumulated knowledge can even be passed from one generation to the next. 

Skeptic Check: How Low Can You Go?
Jun 26, 2017
Skeptic Check: How Low Can You Go?

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ENCORE  Baby, it’s cold outside… but you still might want to be there.  Some people claim that chilly temperatures are good for your health, and proponents of cryotherapy suggest you have a blast – of sub-zero air – to stave off wrinkles and perhaps halt aging altogether.