Seth's Basement

Sunday, August 26, 2007 - 17:00

It's always a surprise to go digging in Seth's basement - who knows what we'll find! In this forage, tucked between boxes of old radio tubes and an electric banana, we stumble upon a rare view of Uranus's rings... a preview of the Aurigid meteor shower... claims that we're living in a computer simulation... and a ticket stub to the movie "Invasion."

Also, who's that in the back yard with a funny looking instrument? Science writer Timothy Ferris comes in from the dark.


  • Peter Jenniskens - Astronomer at the SETI Institute
  • Mark Showalter - Astronomer at the SETI Institute
  • Nick Bostrom - Philosopher at Oxford University, Director of the Future of Humanities Institute in the U.K.
  • Timothy Ferris - Science writer and author of Seeing in the Dark. The PBS special based on this book airs in September.