Sheerlunacymed Skeptic Check: Sheer Lunacy

published Sep. 26, 2010
Moon myths.

Isignoranceblissmed Skeptical Sunday: Is Ignorance Bliss?

published Apr. 13, 2009
Keeping ourselves in the dark.

Takeanumbermed Skeptical Sunday: Take a Number

published Mar. 23, 2009
Do Numbers Count?

Ghostofachancemed Skeptical Sunday: Ghost of a Chance

published Dec. 15, 2008
Why We Believe.

Illbuythatmed Skeptical Sunday: I'll Buy That!

published Nov. 17, 2008
How advertising persuades.

Bearrightmed Skeptical Sunday: Bear Right in a Bull Market

published Sep. 15, 2008
Why we’re not as rational as we think we are.

Bigfootpressconfmed Skeptical Sunday: Bigfoot Press Conference

published Aug. 25, 2008
Hirsute habeus corpus.

Riskmed Skeptical Sunday: Risky Business

published Jul. 28, 2008
The science of risk assessment.

Indianajonesmed Skeptical Sunday: The Science of Indiana Jones

published Jun. 23, 2008
The truth beneath the fedora.

Yousuremed Skeptical Sunday: You Sure About That?

published Mar. 31, 2008
The science of certainty.

Eyeofnewtmed Skeptical Sunday: Take Eye of Newt and Call Me in the Morning

published Sep. 3, 2007
Sorting out sound medical science from snake oil.

Stakesarehighmed Skeptical Sunday: When the Stakes Are High

published Feb. 14, 2007
Superstition under scrutiny.

Noahsarkgraphicmed Skeptical Sunday: There's Noah Counting

published Oct. 18, 2006
Noah's ark discovered?

Meetskepticmed Skeptical Sunday: Meet a Psychic

published Aug. 2, 2006
Psychic in studio.

Cursethmb Skeptical Sunday: Curses!

published Jun. 14, 2006
Deadly language?

Gospelthmb Skeptical Sunday: The Gospel According to SETI

published May. 17, 2006
Is SETI science?

Sleightofhandthmb Skeptical Sunday: Sleight of Hand

published Apr. 5, 2006
Why we don't see the obvious.

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