Canwetalkmed Can We Talk?

published 4 months ago
Make contact.

_rectangularcontainer_thinkingmed [Rectangular Container] Thinking

published over 1 year ago
Originality in science.

Saywhatmed Say What?

published over 3 years ago
Do animals – or even plants – use language?

Whatwereyouthinkingmed What Were You Thinking?

published over 4 years ago
Reading the brain.

Speakingklingonmed Speaking Klingon

published about 5 years ago
Communicating with the aliens.

Controlsmed Ctrl-S

published about 6 years ago
Saving culture.

Youtalkingtomemed You Talkin' to Me?

published about 6 years ago
The science of communication.

Cursethmb Skeptical Sunday: Curses!

published almost 8 years ago
Deadly language?

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