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Moral's Law Oct 24, 2016
Moral's Law
Are we becoming better behaved?
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ENCORE “If it bleeds, it leads” is the tried and true tenet of news.  Indeed, headlines are often no more than a long list of moral atrocities.  Yet one man argues that we’re living in the most civilized era in history.  And he credits this to scientific thought and reason.  

Time Travel Agents Oct 17, 2016
Time Travel Agents
Yesterday may be our future.
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Hey, let’s meet last week for coffee.  Okay, we can’t meet in the past … yet.  But could it be only a matter of time before we can?  In an attempt to defy the grandfather paradox, scientists try sending a photon back in time to destroy itself. 

Skeptic Check: Science and the Election Oct 10, 2016
Skeptic Check: Science and the Election
Why is science missing?
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This year’s election is divisive, but one subject enjoys some consensus: science and technology policies are important.  So why aren’t the candidates discussing these issues?  The answers might surprise you.

Venom Diagram Oct 03, 2016
Venom Diagram
One animal’s poison is another’s cure.
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We all get defensive sometimes.  For some animals, evolution has provided a highly effective mechanism for saying “back off!”.  A puncture by a pair of venom-filled fangs gets the point across nicely. 

Skeptic Seth Sep 26, 2016
Skeptic Check: Skeptic Seth
A day of critical thinking.
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ENCORE Are you skeptical?  Sure, you raise an eyebrow when some Nigerian prince asks for your bank numbers, or when a breakfast cereal claims that it will turn your kid into a professional athlete overnight.