Skeptical Sunday: 9/11 Conspiracy

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 - 16:00

America loves conspiracies.  Many people think that JFK was the victim of a large-scale assassination plot.  Others believe the U.S. military has hidden alien artifacts at some remote, desert locale.  Now, recent polling results indicate that a substantial fraction of the public suspect that the calamity that befell the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 was at least partly due to a cabal of government and industry interests.  An inside job, in other words.

We hear the arguments from the author of a web site claiming government involvement in 9/11, and from several experts about how plausible this conspiratorial view might be, and why unconventional theories are so quickly embraced.  Also, Phil Plait gives the low-down on one of the most looney of conspiracy theories: the claim that astronauts never set foot on the moon. 

It’s Skeptical Sunday, but don’t take our word for it.


  • Michael Berger, spokesperson for the organization 9.11
  • James Bennett, author of web blog “screw loose change”
  • Najib Abboud, Associate Principal at Weidlinger Associates, New York
  • Nicolas Lemann, Dean of the Columbia School of Journalism, New York
  • Mark Fenster, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Florida, and author of Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture
  • Phil Plait, astronomer and author of Bad Astronomy