Science Detectives

Sunday, December 23, 2007 - 16:00

Some detectives don't look for fingerprints or interrogate suspects to unravel mysteries. Instead, they're dressed in white coats, and armed with DNA probes and star maps. These are the science detectives: researchers who have found innovative ways to use science to solve puzzles that no one else can.

Find out how a biologist helped international police pinpoint elephant poaching in Africa. Also, astronomers who can decipher when and where Vincent van Gogh painted his famous nighttime works by examining the position of the stars. And, how some archeologists and paleontologists willingly deal with some very old dung to learn secrets of the distant past.


  • Samuel K. Wasser - Professor of conservation biology, University of Washington
  • Jacob Berkowitz - Author of Jurassic Poop
  • Russell L. Doescher - Physicist and astronomer, Texas State University
  • James Oberg - Rocket scientist and media consultant